Steelcom GROUP


With a remarkable track record of more than six decades, an extensive business network as well as dedicated and experienced personnel, STEELCOM GROUP is your dependable partner for your steel and commodity demands.

As part of an international natural resources group, we are empowered by group synergies and can offer extensive cooperation opportunities.

Our strong focus on customer orientation and our tailor-made, individual business solutions will contribute to your success.

The below contact details  serve as your first point of contact. Depending on the content of your inquiry, your query will be forwarded internally to the specialised STEELCOM GROUP company having its core competence within your required business demand.




Group Contact Office – germany

STEELCOM Steel & Commodities GmbH

Schürmannstr. 22 a | D – 45136 Essen | Germany


+49 201 89 90 70



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